First Rarities Report 1996-2017


This document is the first rare birds report published by the Extremaduran Rarities Committee (CREX), created in 2016 by eight members. It’s the first document of its kind for the region. Some 326 records of rarities have been processed, 75% of them from the period 2015-2017. The rest constitute records of rarities dating back to 1996. Nearly 90% of records received were accepted. 5.8% of records referred to species considered national rarities in Spain. Owing to the increase in ornithologists in the region and an improvement in identification skills, several species have been removed from the initial rarities list.  A list of taxa considered rarities in the region is included. Here’s hoping this encourages visitors to the region to report their records of rare birds! Please pass this on to anyone you know who is going to visit the¡is wonderful place. Together we can document and build on Extramadura’s ornithological history.

CREX 1st Rarities Report 1996-2017