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Species and Location


Date of observation

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Author of the description

Name and Surname


Country of residence

Other observers present


This description has to be based in field notes taken during observation and never in reference books. It is worth adding a copy of field notes as well as sketches or drawings.

1. How did you find the bird? (brief description)

2. Structure (size and shape)

3. Bill and legs (size, shape, colour)

4. Plumage of head and body (colour, distinctive markings)

5. Wings and tail (shape and form, colour, distinctive markings)

6. Behaviour

7. Vocalization

8. Discussion on why the observer believes this is the proposed species and not another

9. Time of day and duration of the sighting.

10. Are you 100% certain of the record?

Other Information

Species present for direct comparison

Previous experience of this species

Previous experience of similar species

Optical equipment used

Distance from the bird

Weather conditions

Were photographs/vídeos/sound recordings taken of the bird?

Name of the owner (if different)

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